SDM-Valorum gives wings to entrepreneurs through Leveraged Buy-Out

“People are not just your most important asset. The right people are!”

This quote of James C. Collins immediately sets the scene to introduce Le Grand & Associates; a consultancy firm that specializes in recruitment and selection. Finding The right people for their clients is the primary goal to achieve. The key instrument in finding a worthy match is screening, based on knowledge, skills and personality. This philosophy is the building block that made Le Grand & Associates grow rapidly over the past 3 years. 

Partner of companies and candidates

Entrepreneur Charles-Henry Provenzano turned Le Grand & Associates into a team of more than 15 employees with a passion for talent. Each consultant has one goal in mind: connecting talented professionals with successful companies. 

By cooperating with Le Grand & Associates, each client is able to work with a reliable partner who takes up the challenging search in finding the right candidate for them. The market is carefully screened and candidates are thoughtfully selected to secure excellent quality, each time again; top talent is key. 

If professionally growing is on your list of desires as well, Le Grand & Associates is able to support in this journey and give you a head start. With more than 1500 vacancies in their portfolio and the network that goes with it, Le Grand & Associates can respond to your professional wishes. They guide you in achieving your ultimate career goal by taking your next step in that direction.

Le Grand & Associates has an excellent in-house expertise, both for candidates and companies. They aim to share their knowledge through interesting blog posts and training. 

The future

In the immediate future Le Grand & Associates wishes to grow by opening new offices and in vertical markets it operates. 

To support this rapid growth and further expansion, Charles-Henry relied on the support of SDM-Valorum to realize a Leveraged Buy-Out. The objectives of this transaction are, on one hand engaging several key employees, who are crucial to attain the ambitions for the future, on the other hand strengthen the capital with the contribution of a number of private investors with strong economic networks. 

Charles-Henry Provenzano remains the reference shareholder of his company and welcomes 5 employees to the company capital, alongside a dozen private investors. By the end of the year, the company will open an office in Antwerp and Luxembourg.