SDM-VALORUM advised Thys Tanktransport

January 2018

Frank Thys, owner and CEO of Tanktransport Thys, mandated SDM-Valorum to find a good strategic partner for his company.

Tanktransport Thys is an Antwerp based transport company, that has built an excellent position in the food and feed liquids transport market, with additional activities in the bulk transport of food stuff. The company has a fleet of 60 trucks and 100 trailers, and is focusing on transport in the Benelux area and France. It realizes a turnover of 12 million €.

Following the search for a strong synergetic partner, Schenk Tanktransport, based in Papendrecht (Netherlands) acquired all shares of Tanktransport Thys. Schenk Tanktransport is an international transport company, with operations and subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and Poland. The group’s core activities are road- and intermodal transport of liquids and gases, resulting in a yearly turnover of approximately 180 million €.

“Tanktransport Thys has a strong track record. The excellent service to its customers and high quality standards have allowed the company to grow steadily over its history. Our customers are mainly international food and feed companies, that are asking us for bigger volumes and more destinations, as they want to concentrate on less and better logistic partners. Therefore, a strong strategic partner would be welcome to the company to support the further growth. In Schenk Tanktransport, we have found a solid partner, with the same focus on safety, quality and service. We are convinced that Schenk is the right partner for the future of the company, for the staff and our personnel,” says Frank Thys.

“Tanktransport Thys has a leading position in the transport of food liquids, and plays an important role in the supply chain of its clients. We see a very similar DNA at both companies, with the same values. We are also a family-owned tank transport company,” say Arjan and Harry Schenk, owners and co-CEO’s of Schenk Tanktransport, ”and have very complimentary activities. Through this acquisition, we will be able to diversify our activities and strengthen our position as a leading international tank transport company. We will support Tanktransport Thys in its further development by offering the extensive resources and experience of Schenk to the company. We intend to keep the operations separate, and Tanktransport Thys will operate as a separate division within Schenk Tanktransport from its actual base in Merksem-Antwerp. Frank Thys will continue to manage Tanktransport Thys on a daily basis, and the brand name THYS will not disappear.”