SDM-Valorum advises Multi-Value in realizing the management buy-out and taking the first step towards a full transition of the company

Multi-Value advises its customers in improving customer experiences by measuring, analyzing, coaching and providing training. Multi-Value has offices in Antwerp, Eindhoven and Hamburg. After adapting its organizational structure to the new market environment, the founders are now ready to take the next step. Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck will replace Martine Verstreken, current CMO and one of the 2 founding shareholders. The training-oriented approach and strong reputation of Multi-Value matches the skills and profound experience of Stefaan as a professional expert. Wilbert Kahmann, founding shareholder and current CEO, will continue to lead Multi-Value. Through this transaction, Stefaan and Wilbert team up to accelerate Multi-Value’s growth in the coming years. In the coming years, a complete acquisition of Multi-Value by Stefaan is envisaged. SDM-Valorum managed the transaction and transition plan for all stakeholders.