Advipro reinforces its capital with the entry of Pentahold

July 2018

Based in Lille in the Kempisch region of Flanders, Advipro provides the Life Sciences industry with HR outsourcing solutions, with a particular focus on GXP services. Its capital is now being strengthened with the entry of the PENTAHOLD fund.
Pentahold is a PE fund financed by Flemish families. It is led by Karel Gielen and Geert Vanderstappen.
Advipro was founded by Peter Scheyltjens and his wife Kristel Patteet. They employ on approximately 80 highly trained specialists to support production in the Life Science industry in the areas of compliance, validation and testing.

Peter Scheyltjens, CEO and founder of the company says: ‘In the last few years, we have systematically grown by more than 25% per year. In order to sustain this growth and support new initiatives, we are looking for a partner who can support us, not just financially, but also strategically; we have found that partner in Pentahold.’

Geert Vanderstappen, partner at Pentahold confirms: ‘In Advipro, we have found a fast-growing company that still has great ambitions and many ideas. They have recently opened the first GXP training centre in Belgium, in which training can be given in real-life clean room environment. That alone opens perspectives on a completely new stream of revenue.’

Karel Gielen, also a partner at Pentahold, adds: ‘At the same time, the company has taken its first steps on the Dutch market.’