Corporate-finance specialists who create value for entrepreneurs

Are you looking to sell your company at the best price and under optimal conditions? Secure your capital in a timely manner without leaving your company: rely on SDM-Valorum for guidance and peace of mind at every step from A to Z.

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Entrepreneurship is your specialty. Dealmaking is ours.

As an entrepreneur, you invest enormous amounts of time and energy into your company, your clients and your personnel. Yet you still find yourself face-to-face with difficult questions:

  • What is the value of my business? How do I optimise it?
  • How do I grow my company through acquisitions and take-overs?
  • How do I arrange the long term succession in my company?

Turn to a reliable partner: SDM-Valorum. For 100% independent advice: our innovative, hands-on approach sets us apart from traditional investment banks or the Big Four.

In essence, we are result-driven dealmakers rather than expensive time-based consultants. We provide you full and complete inside information on what to expect from the deal. Subsequently we take care for the complete follow-up of your sale, acquisition or Smart Deal. In summary, we take care of the deal while you focus on your business..

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Three reasons to rely on SDM-Valorum

No cure? No pay!

We join you in striving for maximum value creation. From the very beginning, we work with you to define your goals. This way, you know what to expect. We draft the contracts and offer you legal advice. And as we are confident of doing what we promise to do, you only pay if we achieve the goals.

Network that opens doors

SDM-Valorum has an extensive network that offers access to both the Belgian and the international market of entrepreneurs and investors.

As a founding member of Advior International, SDM-Valorum has access to a global M&A team of 200 Corporate Finance Specialists and dealmakers. This allows us direct and independent access to the global M&A and financial markets.

In sync with entrepreneurs

Your business doesn’t run on figures alone.
It is a work of a life-time and has become part of your identity. We fully understand that and therefore we offer a personal approach to sales and acquisition advice. We speak with you as one entrepreneur to another. We pride ourselves as trusted dealmakers who speak your language.